Vande Varaaha Vakthraam, Varamani Makutaam,

Vidruma Strotra Bhooshaam, Haaragraiyeva Thugastana Paranamithaam,

Peetha Kouseya Vasthraam, Deveem Dakshordva Haste,

Vaamaabhyam Darayanthi Kuvalaya Kalithaam Shyamalaam Suprasannaam II

God appears in many forms but to experience God in the form of Sri Vaaraahi brings a great deal of peace and joy. The Mother is a universal embodiment of compassion. She extends her warmth and grace to protect and bless her children.

    Wish of Worshipping Goddess Maha Vaaraahi is a result of past virtues and good deeds. It Is our choice to take told of Her hand --- She has been waiting to Bless Us

Chanting - Varahi- Varahi- Varahi? three times will bring in endless bliss and euphoria in Life.

Vaaraahi Mata devotees who were blessed with such bliss and joy are requested to mail their wonderful experiences and visions for sharing with others who believe in the spell of Lakshmi Vishnu Siva Swarupa ? Trigunatmika, Saktiswarupini Vaarahi Devi ? to for adding them to this page.