Temple Sevas


06.00 : Pratahkala Puja ----- 12.00 : Harati ------ 12.30 : Temple Closed
16.30 : Pradosha Puja ------   19.00 : Harati ------ 19.30 : Temple Closed

ARCAHANA on the day of JYESHTA NAKSHATRA : Every month on the day of Jyeshta Nakshatram, very auspicious day for Varaahi Mata, "Stree Shakti Gana (Saiva, Vaishnava, Sakteya sampradaya Stree Devatas) Avahana and Archana is done with special puja dravyalu. Varaahimaata is highly blissful on this day coinciding with Jyeshta Nakshstra. Many devotees opted for Jyeshta Nakshatra Puja got their varying wishes fulfilled immediately - businessmen got recovery of bad debts and dhana vruddhi, patients got vyadhi nirodham and quick recovery from illness, politicians got success in elections and elevation in power etc..

SHAKTI PAATRA SAADHANA - ABHISHEKAM : SATURDAY - Sakti-patra Sadhana (Sakteya Sampradayam) and Abhishekam to Varaahimaata Moola Virat are done with special puja saamagri by Varaahi Upasak Sri Regonda Swamy every Saturday. Varaahimaata blesses her devotees with ishta kamyardha siddhi by offering above puja.

NAVAGRAHA PUJA : SUNDAY - Navagraha aradhana and Shani Graha Puja is done every Sunday.Devotees offering Navagraha Puja will be rid off their jatka graha doshas , get obstacles in life cleared.

VARAAHIMOOLA CHANDIHOMAM : ON FULL MOON DAY - On full-moon day (Pournami) ChandiHomam with Varaahi MoolaMantram will be done.

Varaahimaata gives her blessings to devotees offering Pournami Puja - Protects them from all evils like Prayogas and ill health, gives elevation in life - fulfills every wish.

The supreme powers of MahaVaaraahi are less known to the common public since she is conducting life course as a subtle force. Now she comes out of subtleness and more revelations would be told to devotees, time has come to reveal the worldly pursuits of Vaaraahimaata.

Sri Regonda Swamy, the devout Upasaka of Varaahi Mata is the one blessed pious soul with aloukika shaktis chosen by HER to reach those in need and cry and help them.

Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi Temple,  Regonda - built recently by Regonda Swamy is the first temple in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where presiding deity is Maata Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi and here irrespective of cast and creed every one can seek HER blessings by offering pujas through Regonda Swamy.

Devotees are requested to avail this opportunity to get the blessings of Sri Sweta Lakshmi Varaahimaata- ward off all evils, Jataka Graha Doshas and get all their wishes fulfilled.

Those interested in offering above mentioned Vishesha- Archana, Abhishekam,  Puja and Varaahi Homam have to pay respective amount indicated against each puja to the temple treasurer in advance. Archana, Abhishekam , Puja and Homa Samagri will be made available by the temple committee. Once in three months Puja Prasadam (Vibhooti and Pasupu ) will be sent, only to those opting for Varshika Puja.

AArjita Seva Dharalu:
JYESHTA NAKSHATRA ARCAHANA : Rs 300.00 for one time Archana - Rs 3000.00 for Varshika Archana in every month for a period of one year.

SHAKTI PAATRA SAADHANA - ABHISHEKAM : SATURDAY : Rs 200.00 for one time Abhishekam on any Saturday and Rs 2000.00 for a period of 3 months, Rs 3000.00 for 6 months- on every Saturday.

NAVAGRAHA PUJA :  SUNDAY : Rs 150.00 for one time Puja on any Sunday and Rs 1500.00 for a period of 3 months, Rs 3000.00 for 6 months- on every Sunday.

VARAAHIMOOLA  CHANDIHOMAM : ON FULL MOON DAY : Rs 500.00 for one time Homam - Rs 5500.00 for Varshika Homam in every month for a period of one year.

Required amounts may be sent by money order or bank draft in favour of D.Venugopal - treasurer, Sweta Lakshmi Varaahi temple and post to : Sri D.Venugopal, H.No 3-89, Regonda - 506348, Regonda Mandalam, Jayashankar Bhupalpally Dist. (TS), Mob.no. 09849528980.

Vishesha Aaraadhana is also done on special occasions listed below:

  • Temple Inauguration Day (Vigraha Pratishta Dinam) -Samvatsaradi (Ugadi Day)
  • Hanuman Jayanti  (May / June)
  • Varaahi Mata Ashadha Navaratrulu - Ashadha Masam (July / August)
  • Varaahi Mata Sharannavaratrulu - Aswyja Masam (October / November)